About Me

Photography is an art David Gilk has perfected. With Digital, Film Cameras and other equipment, he photographs Landscapes, Merchandise, People or other subjects and produces finished prints and images with the help of Computer Software.

With his expertise, David attains desired clients’ pictures composition and images by using latest Technology and Photography Equipment, and lighting for optimum effects. Other times, when necessary, he creates artificial light using reflectors and flashes, adjusts Apertures, Camera Focus and shutter speeds for desired picture effects.

After Photography and Computer Editing, the photographs are selected for review and the best ones electronically transmitted to clients. Other modes of transfer are also utilised depending on client’s preference.

As a top photographer, David Gilk’s services are preferred because of his Modus Operandi. He has mastered the principles of marketing his work through communication and media, doing need assessment and providing quality services for maximum satisfaction. Compared to his competitors, his rates are relatively low. He also offers discounts depending on the number of pictures.

The images produced by Gilk tell a visual story of an event, incident or happening. This is made possible because of his Composition Skills, Creativity, Technical Expertise, Good Strategic Planning, and Proper Allocation of Resources and Coordination of People.

David treats each client independently. Therefore, his work environment can vary depending on what the client prefers. He will travel to where you are provided you give updated information on your location, still by visiting his studio; you are guaranteed personalised, quality services.


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