How to garden sims 3?

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Gardening is a very useful skill to master in Sims 3. Not only will you make quality produce leading to quality meals leading to higher mood buffs but you can also sell your produce and turn into a pro-gardener, making heaps of insulation money with high-quality produce. You cannot buy seeds, you can only find them across the town, sometimes in community lots and sometimes in the wilderness. They are very small and inconspicuous, but the Collector Helper (a lifetime reward) can screen them on your map and collecting them becomes a cakewalk. You should only find seeds of special quality like this, as they cannot be purchased anywhere. These include the Death Flower, the Life Fruit, Flame Fruit and the Money Tree. As for normal produce like: Lime, Apples, Lettuce, Tomatoes and so on, you don’t necessarily need pure seeds. You can just use the harvestables themselves, and plant them. Harvestables are graded in several levels and your gardening skills need to be on par with those levels to plant certain veggies or fruits. If your sim has no skill at gardening whatsoever they can plant common harvestables: Apple Tree, Grapes, Lettuce and Tommato. To do this, buy any of these from the Groccery store and head home. You can only plant on your own lot. Open the inventory and click on the veggies and select plant. Choose your spot on the terrain and plant away. To improve your Gardening Skill, buy a book about gardening, tune in to the Gardening TV channel or just garden. At level 5 of this skill you can start planting uncommon harvestables (i’ll let you find out which they are as you play) and at level 7 you start planting the special harvies. Thru a series of 3 opportunities, the chefs at the diner and bistro will give you the possibility to plant eggs, steaks, cheese and patties. Imagine that. But the phone for those opportunities will ring only when you’ve reached level 7 Gardening. Additional info: Fertilizing is an option you’ll have with a plant once you’ve reached level 3 gardening. This expedites the plants growth depending on what you use as a fertilizer. Life Fruits, Angelfish, Vampire Fish, Sharks, Lobsters and Garlic are the best as these have the greatest effect over the longest time. Other produce and fish can also be used for less effective results. Having the Super-Green Thumb lifetime reward is a great asset for gardening. The plant you plant, will be one level better than the seed used to plant it. This heating means that you can start with a home improvement Nice Quality (2) harvy, plant it, make the plant of Very Nice Quality (3), and with good care it’s produce will be Great Quality (4). Then plant that produce and have an Excellent Quality (5) plant that will yield Outstanding Quality (6) harvies. Takes time, but the better the quality, the better the meal made with them tastes and the higher their price for sale. That about rounds up the basics in gardening.


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