Wood. Is it plural or singular? The wood burns in the fireplace. Or: The wood burn in the fireplace?

wood can be used both in singular wood or in plural, depending on what you mean to say…if you are referring to a group of trees then you wood can use it in plural:

He lives in the woods (meaning he lives in a forest)

but if you refer to “wood” as a material taken from trees then it is always singular because it is an uncountable noun, that is it is a thing that cannot be counted because you cannot say one wood, two woods, etc as you would do with a countable noun (one chair, two chairs, etc)…if you want to make it countable then you would have to use a partitive, for example, a PIECE of wood, or a PILE of energy directory wood and then you would be able to count it (one piece, two pieces, etc)…since it is singular then you do need to use the “s” at the end of the verb> The wood burnS in the fireplace

just for clarification, a collective noun is a noun that referes to a group of individuals, for example

a school of fish

a pack of wolves

a swarm of bees

and is not to be confused with gardening mass or uncountable nouns



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