Trooper wowed by wooden car on Nebraska highway


 (Nebraska State Patrol)

A Nebraska trooper on Thursday pulled over an odd-looking sports car — one that could have given him a splinter if he wasn’t careful.

State police say the owner built the custom car out of wood, and stuck it on the frame of a 1985 Pontiac Fiero.

The wood: cedar.

The eco-friendly car itself is legal in Nebraska, but Trooper Bill Price said he stopped the driver because it didn’t have a front license plate.

Nebraska State Patrol did not identify the driver, but said the man lived in Sweden most of the time. “He keeps it in America and flies back here on vacation to visit. So he was taking it down to Galveston, Texas, to visit some friends for a week,” the trooper told the Omaha World-Herald.

Price said he was blown away by the look of home improvement the car. “I was kind of shocked to be honest with you… I was like, ‘Is this car for real? Is this car wood?’ And he said ‘Yeah!'”

Even the outdoor ideas interior dashboard and steering wheel were made out of wood, the newspaper added.

The trooper said he decided to let the driver off without a ticket.


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