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Floral arrangements can be an impulsive bunch of field flowers or an elaborate, multi-textured presentation soaring up to the ceiling. Pit all of Nature’s fresh flowers against mankind’s ingenuity and nimble fingers. Arrive at arrangement ideas that challenge and delight the imagination.

A flexible and endearing art, floral arrangements adapt to a very personal approach or a chic, florist exercise. On the energy suppliers broadest of terms, floral artwork is for outdoor, indoor or personal human adornment. Perhaps the most readily accessible of decorative matter, flowers can adorn a crib, a crypt, banquet or boardroom with perfect ease and appropriateness. Flower styles can be European, Asian, country-style, tropical exotica or individual picks and flicks.

Open-air arrangements are many. The natural flower garden, landscaped to individual tastes, climate and land contours. To green house cultivations, flower bowers, poolside arrangements and rock gardens that need constant supervision. In clusters or all by themselves flowers can festoon arches, porches, pillars and other outdoor venues as well.

Indoor floral displays offer more opportunities for creativity and variation. From the front door to the staircase, hall or basement, bedroom or bathroom, wall, window, floor or ceiling, flowers decorations can be placed anywhere, to appeal everywhere. Used furniture and cutlery, old teapots, family trophies, baskets, cans, stands, trays and fishbowls take on charming new tones when adorned with flowers. And when combined with greenery, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, pinecones, ribbons, paper, taffeta, faux flowers or silk flowers, flowers exude extra life and room appeal.

Simple arrangements require basic flower sense. Organize flowers by appearance into the brightest, biggest, most exotic blooms, to the lean, straight-looking home improvement ones, rounded ones, forms other than round, and finally, feathery, filler flowers. But florists can be your ideal mentors. Drop by at the store to get a feel of the flowers, style alternatives, arrangements and price options available. Browse flower design books for more ideas. Discuss with the florist, the occasion, your recipient’s age, personality, home décor and your relationship, before picking on the right flowers. Decide on the creative outdoor designs budget and then ribbon-tie, cello wrap or customize the selection.

Taking flowers out from their natural ambience into other areas of human proximity calls for skill and expertise. Fragile shelf life imposes precise timing and clarity of purpose in the use of cut flowers. Heat, weight, moisture, packaging and deft handling can all dictate details for your garden flower longevity.

Dabble with flowers, and spend a lifetime plants learning new things. Topiaries, spool wire, puff, acrylic paint, pothos, floral frogs, foam, adhesive, sheet moss, Spanish moss, moss wheat grass, beet, cattails, decoupage, greening pins, wilt-proof spray, watering spikes, pour spouts…and you thought flower arrangements just happened.


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