which U.S. state has the most trees?

This data comes from the Resources Planning Act 2002, published by the USDA Forest Service.

If you’re looking at acreage (which you’re not in this green energy question), then the answer is Alaska.

But if you look at Table 17 on Page 42, Oregon is the winner by far. Here’s the numbers of creative outdoor designs what people have been guessing so far (and this halogen heaters is in millions of cubic feet of timber):

1. Oregon – 87,682

2. Washington – 67,557

3. California – 59,521 (it’s DIY Safety not all residential housing!)

Ohio – 10,568 (I’d estimate they rank about 20th)

Maine – 22,307

Montana – 38,682

Wyoming – 12,380

Colorado – 23,050

Other top states include:

Idaho – 44,070

North Carolina – 34,752

Alaska – 34,268

Georgia – 33,663

Alabama – 31,150

These numbers are from 2002, but I doubt they’ve changed drastically.

Which state has the least?

Hawaii – 333 million cubic feet

P.S. – Nevada – 4th fewest with 595 million cubic feet



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