Gadgets for Your DIY Projects Video

Now Playing: Must-Have Gadgets for the Summer Travel Season

Now Playing: Cooking Up Some Fun with Dick Debartolo

Now Playing: New Tech Items to Help Around the House

Now Playing: Khloe Kardashian outdoor ideas Files to Divorce Lamar Odom–Again

Now Playing: World Record Set For Speed-Hugging

Now Playing: Friday Rewind: Baltimore Officer Acquitted DIY Safety in Freddie Gray Case

Now Playing: Michelle Obama Hosts Turnaround Talent Show at the White House

Now Playing: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are Calling outdoor ideas it Quits

Now Playing: Weekend Work Emails Are Illegal In France

Now Playing: Obama Attends G-7 Summit

Now Playing: Kid Gets Same Haircut as His Neighbor

Now Playing: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Finale Recap

Now Playing: Obama Wraps Up Vietnam Trip

Now Playing: Skinny ‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Premiere

Now Playing: President Obama Sends Human Rights Message to Vietnam Government

Now Playing: The History of Comedy

Now Playing: Tap Dancers’ Tribute to Prince

Now insulation Playing: Nile Crocodiles Found In Florida

Now Playing: Obama Visits Vietnam, Seeks to Strengthen Ties

Now Playing: Kesha Will Perform at the Billboard Music Awards

Now Playing: High School Valedictorian Banned at Graduation

Now Playing: The Pentagon Will Refund Tax Dollars Used for ‘Paid Patriotism’


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