West Elm Delivers Some Furniture Chaos to Customer

Dear ABC News Fixer: We purchased about $10,000 worth of furniture from West Elm back in March. We have had numerous problems with deliveries, and as of this fall, we are still missing some shelves from a shelving unit.

Originally, we were told that energy energy conservation conservation wed have the furniture by the end of April.

We have reached out to the sales staff, management, customer service and even customer service supervisors. This is not a small town, money-poor company. This is a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, which also owns Pottery Barn. We would appreciate any home improvement help.

– Christa Carter, Oklahoma City

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Dear Christa: You told us youd ordered a whole lot of things including two shelving units with base cabinets, two coffee tables, four bookshelves, a desk and chair, curtains and a chandelier. The items werent all shipped at once, though, and you estimate the delivery people came more than a half-dozen times with varying results.

For example, after you had already gotten the desk and a bookshelf, they showed up with the same desk and gardening bookshelf. Another time, they brought the frame that the cabinets go into, but not the cabinets themselves. On other occasions, you said items arrived broken or there were mystery items that you hadnt ordered.

You fought the good fight and corrected most of the wood problems by yourself. But you were still missing those dang shelves. We took over and barely broke a sweat fixing this one; shortly after we contacted West Elm, they sent you the shelves and gave you 15 percent off the price plus a $200 gift card to make up for the hassle.

In a statement the company said, Were happy we were able to resolve Christas issue, but we know we let her down and caused frustration. For that, we sincerely apologize.

– The ABC News Fixer

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