Reese’s Faces Sticky Situation Over Peanut Butter Tree Video

Now Playing: Tony Hale on Real DIY Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Now Playing: Sears Slated to Close 78 Stores This Summer

Now Playing: Spring Clean Your Trash Into Real Money

Now Playing: 3856 VW Expected to Reach Compensation Agreement on Emissions Scandal

Now Playing: Intel to Eliminate 12,000 Jobs Globally

Now Playing: Pa$$ion to Profit: Tech and Fashion Meet on ‘GMA’

Now Playing: Retailer Target to Pay $10 Minimum Wage to Employees

Now Playing: Tax Day Made Less Taxing With Discounts

Now Playing: Ted Cruz on Passing a Flat Tax, Abolishing the IRS

Now Playing: Techbytes: Amazon Puts Pressure on Netflix

Now Playing: Mechanic’s Apparent Joyride in Customer’s Vehicle Caught on Dashcam

Now Playing: Couple Arraigned on Larceny Charges for Late Library Books

Now Playing: Where Does Your Tax Money Go?

Now Playing: Fisher-Price Infant Cradle Swings Recalled Due to Fall Hazard

Now Playing: Taxes: 5 Things You Need to Know

Now Playing: Kobe Bryant Set to Bid Farewell to the NBA

Now Playing: Painting Found in Attic May Be the Work of Renaissance Artist, Worth Millions

Now Playing: Tens of Thousands of Verizon Workers outdoor ideas Set to Strike

Now Playing: $280K Stolen in Through-the-Roof Bank Heist


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