Is there a way to straighten your teeth at home?

The idea of braces is to apply GENTLE force to the teeth to move it around. Teeth move around in the gum quite a bit, but can only do it very very slowly… too fast and it will damage the tooth and it may fall out!

So one ‘trick’ is to just use your finger and apply GENTLE force on your tooth everyday in the desired direction. Do it whilst watching tv. Studying. Reading. Whatever. Just make it one of those ‘habits’… You can also use your tongue!

Few things to note

- It won’t ever look perfect but it will improve the appearance! And imperfection adds quirkiness anyway.

- This will take a LONG. ***. TIME. I’m talking about 6 months before seeing improvement.

- Please dont PUSH the tooth too hard. Use your tongue to push the tooth and this should be the right sort of pressure.

I had a vampire tooth on the right which stuck out. I used my tongue and pushed/sucked on it as a habit every day (unless people watched me) and it went down ALOT. Took time though.


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