Make Mother’s Day memorable with Bouqs Company Spring Flowers

Mom loves you. I mean, youd be nothing without her. And you dont call or write her nearly as much as you should, do you? Are you feeling guilty yet? Well, you should…because no one will ever love you like your Mom. So for Mothers Day show her youre not the ungrateful, wayward child who never calls by showering her with an amazing spring floral assortment from The Bouqs Company. Right now, you can get a $50 site-wide credit for just $35 in the Boing Boing Store.

Get to planning for Moms big day now (May 8, you slackers) and let Bouqs put together the finest spring blossoms around WITHOUT getting jammed up by florists hiking flower prices through the roof the week before the holiday.

To put your mind at ease, Bouqs only gathers flowers from eco-friendly, sustainable farms and with a purchase, youll be assured of getting an incredible assortment up to 10 days fresher than that stuff down at the corner florists.

Did we mention that in addition to your savings, delivery from Bouqs is also free? And if by some crazy circumstance you dont like what Mom receives, Bouqs will backs every purchase with their Bouqs Company Happiness Guarantee. Just knowing a company has a happiness guarantee makes you feel happy doing business with them, right?

Even if youre not down with a Mothers Day purchase, dont forget all the spring birthdays, other holidays and just plain out-of-the-blue brownie points youll get sending a fantastic arrangement just because.

Jump on board now and get your 30% off today…because Mom deserves this — and you know it.

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