Inside the Macy’s Flower Show Video

Now Playing: Ring Bearer Stealing Flower Petals ‘Wins’ At This Wedding

Now Playing: Sam Stops to Smell the Roses

Now Playing: Teenage Girl Dies From Bathroom Brawl Injury Before Class

Now Playing: Cop Buys Toddler Car Seat Instead of Issuing Father Ticket

Now Playing: Craigslist Helps Reunite Woman With Lost Engagement Ring

Now Playing: The 11-Year-Old Who May Be Behind Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill

Now Playing: ‘Mean Mom’ Throws Away Kids’ Ice Cream to Teach Them a Lesson

Now Playing: Buddy the Dog Reunited With Family After 2 Years Thanks to Chance Shelter Visit

Now Playing: Delaware High School Student Allegedly Beaten to Death

Now Playing: Women’s College Softball Game Delayed by Dust Devil

Now Playing: Earth Day Through The Years

Now Playing: Hillary Clinton on Women and Pay Gaps in the US

Now Playing: Hillary Clinton Discusses Her Position on the 1994 Crime Bill

Now Playing: Video Appears to Show Teacher’s Aide Shoving Student

Now Playing: Phoenix Highway Shooting Suspect Released on Bail

Now Playing: Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill

Now Playing: Here’s How People Reacted to the New $20 Bill

Now Playing: Death Toll and Floodwaters Continue to Rise in Houston

Now Playing: The CDC Releases New Report home improvement on the Life Expectancy of Americans

Now Playing: Adults Behaving Badly on the Little League Baseball Field

Now Playing: New Developments in Texas Church Murder Mystery


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