Do I tell my boyfriend that the flowers he gave me are ugly?

When my boyfriend came home last night he handed me the most hideous flowers. It was our 2 year anniversary and I know it is the thought plants that counts. We live together so I couldn’t just throw them away.

Last year, I details for your garden had him and his mother over to my mom’s house for a “meet the moms” lunch. They brought the same flowers then. I thought it was just my bf’s mother’s poor taste. After they left, my mom could throw them out.

My bf knows my favorite flower is an orchid and gets me an orchid plant every year for valentines day.

So, do I suck it up and leave the flowers energy conservation out for a few days or tell him. I can’t imagine they cost that much but I’d rather him save the few bucks. The flower petals are dyed neon colors, I am not sure what kind of flower it is but kind of looks like a daisy.

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