‘We can’t write without quoting her’: your tributes to Victoria Wood | Culture

Its been a bad year already for the loss of likeable celebrities, but the death of Victoria Wood at the age of 62 has led to an outpouring of love and affection across the Guardian. Lucy Mangans lovely tribute received hundreds of comments paying tribute to the comedian and actor.

She was just one of us, like Rik Mayall was, said Reggie Blue. She understood the struggle and the minutiae of every day living.

One theme that emerged among the tributes was the impossibility of writing about her without quoting a line, or a scene, or a reference.

Me neither.

So without further ado, here are a selection of the best quotes and tributes weve received from the comments and via GuardianWitness.

Victoria Woods school play

Victoria Wood's first playVictoria Wood’s first play

This play was written and produced by Vicky, aged 15, at Bury Grammar School for Girls in 1968 after O levels were finished. The play was called “Pearl a Melodrama” and was presented to the whole school. Vicky wrote the script and all the songs and music. She played the piano and sang along with all of us.

Vicky was a wonderful person, shy and clever and witty and most of all modest. Shes sadly missed, says Ann Mark, then Ann Shilco, who shared the picture above. The chorus of the play:

With a Cupids kiss corn plaster

Youll have feet like alabaster

Be a Mrs not a Miss

With a Cupids kiss

A comedic polymath

At this point, we were deluged with quotes. So many quotes.

Dont have the prawns

Two Soups



A woman with immaculate teatowels could never have a sexually transmittable disease Photograph: BBC/PAIs it on the trolley?

“Red cabbage, how much?!”

No visit to the vegetable aisle is complete in our house unless someone shouts out “Red cabbage, how much?” To which the reply of course is “Red cabbage, no idea!” It’s quite a responsibility…

Ah we could go home improvement on forever, but you get the idea. RIP Victoria Wood, you were loved and youll be missed.



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