Local artists take advantage of Festival of Flowers


Last updated15:52, April 21 2016

Three of the Local 6 members, from left, Bridget Gill, Alison Leslie and Kay Gray with Gray's pottery, which is one of ...


Three of the Local 6 members, from left, Bridget Gill, Alison Leslie and Kay Gray with Gray’s pottery, which is one of the artistic items that will be sold at the pop-up shop on Arawa St during the Festival of Flowers.

Six Matamataartists are takingadvantage ofthe local crowd-pulling Festival of Flowers .

A pop-upshop, called Local 6, will belocated at 77 Arawa St andhave fabric art, pottery, fashion,paintings and handmade gifts by Judith Challis, Kay Gray, Sally Jenkins, Alison Leslie, Bridget Gill and Sue Richards.

Challis said they encouragedlocals who don’t outdoor ideas go to the Matamata Art Society’s annual exhibition or out of towners who are in the area for the event to come along to the shop were they will be showcasing their skills and sharing their lifetime’s passion for creativity.

Thefestivalruns DIY Safety from April 20-23 and theshop will be open from 9.30am to 3.30pm from the20th to the22nd and9:30am to2:30pm on the 23rdand will also be open from 10am – 2pm on 24th.

The festival, attheMatamata Memorial Centre,consists ofcourts of floral craft based on a theme of Nature to Art. “This is not flowers in a vase, it’s about using plant material in innovative ways,” the eventpresident Gaylene Lee said. She is making sculptural bouquets complete with insects that she said kids would enjoy. “The theme is interpretedin more different ways than you would imagine, you really need to come along and see it.”Floral art groups from around the Thames Valley areawillbe making anything from animals to people, and otherthings, out of plantmatter. Door salesare $10 for adults,$2 for children and $12.50 for a outdoor ideas festival pass . The festival is open from 9am to 8pm from Wednesday to Friday and outdoor ideas 9am to 5pm on the Saturday.




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