Air Bonsai: Create your own floating tree

Meet Air Bonsai, the details for your garden living, growing ‘little stars’ you home improvement can wish upon.

The therapeutic art of Japanese Bonsai trees is known to inspire contemplation and silence. Thanks to a new highly-backed Kickstarter project, it will literally inspire levitation as well.

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The project, known as Air Bonsai, was launched gardening by Hoshinchu on Jan. 21. This particular brand of tiny trees, affectionately called “little stars, feature repelling magnets that push away from one another so that the plant floats above its energy base and spins slowly.

On the projects Kickstarter page, the team wrote that the project took 10 months of planning. Although the trees cannot be shipped outside of Japan, Hoshinchu wrote that it will partner home improvement to ensure the trees are available elsewhere.

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The project initially hoped to raise $80,000 by March 1, but has far surpassed that goal in a very short time. As energy suppliers of the publication of this article, 1,593 backers had pledged $357,355 towards the trees, and counting.


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