Why don’t we just plant more trees and plants to thrive in the extra c02 while making us more oxygen?

Because they have shown that Trees outdoor ideas are very poor recyclers of CO2 in to Oxygen… It is the deep root structure of hardy plains grasses that actually do most of the world’s CO2 Absorbing.

If you DO want more trees planted, USE MORE PAPER.

Paper companies plant HUGE tracts of fast growing trees…

For every field they harvest, they have a wood planting crew right behind the cutters…

The more paper we use, the more reason paper companies have DIY to plant more fields creative outdoor designs of trees…

The less paper you use, the less trees they plant…

You need to give them a reason to keep planting more trees!

P&T Recycling Part 1


P&T Recycling Part 2


P&T Recycling Part 3




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