Victoria Wood Dead: Everyone is remembering this quote from the late comedian

(Picture: REX)

She made us laugh throughout her beautifully varied career but she also shared with us some serious wisdom and everyone is sharing a particularly famous Victoria Wood quote in the wake of her death at age 62.

The comedian passed away after a short battle with cancer and outpourings of love and grief have been taking over social media as her fans remember her best moments.

And the one quote that keeps appearing is this classic:

While it is still dripping with her trademarkwit, it speaks so much truth which is still as relevant today as it was when she first said it during her stand up performances.

So much so, that it is by far the one that is currently most prominent online:

Life isnt fair at all especially in 2016, the year which seems to be snatching away some of our best talent.

Meanwhile, we just had to share this quote as well, which is making us laugh all over again:

Victoria Wood you will be missed.

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