Home Business :: A Look At Two Of The Models Of Jotul Wood Stoves

With more and more people to turning to wood heat to help keep warm on those cold winter nights

and to help save on those climbing utility bills. It is probably time to take a look at some of the models of Jotul wood stoves. Jotul wood stoves are considered to be some of the best wood stoves on the market today. They come in various sizes and shapes and are very fuel-efficient.

Jotul F500 Oslo

The Jotul F500 Oslo is a beautiful looking stove with a lot of nice features. It has both front and left

side loading as well as front and left side DIY ash slips to catch the ashes. It has a huge fire viewing area

that could rival most small home improvement fireplaces. The F500 uses Jotul’s non-catalytic clean halogen heaters burn technology and

comes with a home improvement 5 year limited warranty. Best of all this stove is large enough to use as a primary source

of heat. Reviews on the Jotul F500 are quite favorable with reviewers stating that this stove can heat

up to 2900 feet easily. Some of features that actual users liked about the Jotul F500 were:

Fuel efficient and clean burning

Side loading feature helps keep ash from spilling out when you load the stove

Nice looks and incredible finish

Burns for 5 to 6 hours at night when damped down

Jotul F11 8CB Black Bear

The Jotul F118 CB Black Bear is another of the Jotul wood stoves that has some really great features.

Some of the interesting features of this stove include the back to front cigar burn and the non-catalytic

secondary combustion system. A latticework glass front and a fully functioning cook plate makes this

stove even more fuel-efficient.

Users really like the black bear and have these good things to say about this stove:

Because it is longer front to back it actually takes larger pieces of wood which saves sawing

and stacking time

The cook plate is great for making stews and soups on that cold winter night

The narrow design of this stove makes it easy to insert into fireplaces

The view window has lovely lattice work which adds to the overall elegant design of this stove

Both the Jotul F500 Oslo and Jotul F 118 CB Black Bear seem to deliver the type and amount of heat

that people want and need on the cold winter nights. Many of the reviewers reported that these stoves

handled almost all of their cold weather needs saving them on other types of fuel.

Whether you are looking for a small wood stove just to help ward off the chill from those colder rooms

in the house or want a gardening wood stove that is large and durable enough for whole home heating it seems

that Jotul wood stoves can deliver the heat you need effortlessly.



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