whats the best way to get cigerette smoke smell out of furniture? also clear the air in house recently quit?

Congratulations on quitting!

I’ve cleaned a number of apartments that used to belong to heavy smokers. And tar is one of the worst things to try to get out of a home!

I normally wouldn’t use Lysol on windows. But in a smoker’s home, I would wash the glass first with energy Lysol to get the worst of the tar off. Then I would go back with vinegar. Sometimes I would have to actually wash the windows 3 times to stop getting brown on my paper towels, or cleaning rags. And I would do this while soaking the blinds in the tub, in a strong solution of either Lysol or bleach. I would do the same with the globes to the ceiling lights.

After washing the walls- again, with a strong solution of Lysol, and be prepared to get new buckets- you’ll want to decide if you want to repaint your room or not. If you do, you’ll want heating to use a sealer such as Kilz- which is great for blocking odors. Then go back with the primer and paint.

If you don’t have your carpet and furniture professionally shampooed, you’ll want to consider using a lot of vinegar in the shampooer you either rent or buy. Vinegar is also good for controlling smells. And insulation use a lot of baking soda in your wash, and to scrub your kitchen appliances and bathroom insulation fixtures.

It sounds like a lot of work, I know. And it is. But you’ll love having a nice, clean-smelling home!



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