do you need two bananas trees to produce fruit?

No you do not need two plants to produce fruit however, they will only bare fruit the second season (two years old). That means if they freeze down to the ground insulation each winter they will never bare fruit. I have not seen this type of banana tree that can survive in that cold. All the varieties I have encountered (at least five) rarely fruit and I live in zone 9. Mine should fruit this year as they did not freeze down this (now past) winter. I would be skeptic of the advertisers that claim them to survive in zones 4 – 7. Request the cultivar name and research before buying. I protect mine creative outdoor designs in the winter here when a hard freeze is predicted. That’s 28 degrees F for over 4 hours. Even a light freeze will bring them down to the stalk. A hard freeze brings them down to the ground and then you start all over again as the stalk must go two years before fruiting.

edit:Two of the most popular here are the Musa paradisiaca (common banana) and Musa ornata or Rose banana. There is also one known as the blood spot, another dwarf but green. The common banana is the most hardy here. Other types may not come back if they freeze to the ground.


My girlfriend brought me flowers and candy. Do women buy flowers for guys? Mine did.?

WoW!!! I think she likes me. She just stopped by out of the blue. The kids and I were outside throwing the baseball. She said she passed by earlier and saw us playing ball home improvement outside on her way to the grocery. I did not see her pass the first time she passed. She only lives around the corner. On her way back the kids and I were still throwing the baseball she stopped and got out the car pulled garden equipment out the flowers and candy and gave me a big hug and a kiss right in front of the kids. The kids know I really like her and they met outdoor ideas her this past weekend. Any ways, I try not to show to much creative outdoor designs affection in front of my kids but this kind of felt right.

The weird part was when my kids started with ” Daddy and ____ sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G ” You know the rest of the saying. I was embarrassed. My kids were smiling and laughing. After their song, she give me a bigger kiss and stuck her tongue out to the kids. She was messing with them. Do women buy flowers for guys? It was my first time.

Marriage :: The Wedding Flower Girl

A flower girl is part of a wedding procession, bearing a special relation to the bride and groom. Because very young children may become overwhelmed by the duties, and older girls may feel insulted by a “baby” role, the recommended age for a flower girl is usually between four and eight years of age. The flower girl walks down the aisle behind the bride, either before or after the maid of honor, and carries a basket of flowers, scattering them down the aisle.

There may be one or several flower girls, especially if the bride has young relatives to honor. The concept of the flower girl is commonly witnessed at British royal weddings, or at exquisite weddings modeled after them.

The male equivalent of the flower girl is the ring bearer or a page boy. Usually, the ring bearer and the flower girl are dressed to appear like a couple, or they may wear miniature versions of the bride and grooms clothes.

Generally, the flower girl walks ahead of the bride at the wedding partys entrance procession. The flower girl may either shower flower petals on the floor or carry a bouquet of flowers or thorn less roses. Once the bride and groom are seated on the wedding stage, the young flower girl will sit down aside among the audience, with her parents. Alternatively, if the wedding ceremony is not scheduled to last very long, an older aged flower girl may stand quietly at the altar along with the other honor attendants.

In olden times, the clothing for the flower girl was provided by the families of the bride and groom. During modern times, however, it is expected of the parents of the flower girl to pay for her clothing as well as for other expenses that are entailed in her participation in the wedding procession.

Usually, the choice of a flower girl is obvious, but in other cases, it may be somewhat of a task in choosing among several possible candidates. It is perfectly alright to choose more than one flower girl not only does this add to their confidence, and enhance the cuteness aspect of a wedding procession. It is advisable to avoid choosing a very young child to be a flower girl, for she may become scared and confused. On the other hand, a much older girl may be more suitable to be given a role of a reader or a junior bridesmaid. If at all it becomes impossible to choose a suitable flower girl, it is alright to do without one!

As indicated above, above a young flower girl may feel jittery during the wedding procession. It is advisable therefore to prepare her for her role beforehand. In order to boost a flower girls confidence, you may buy her a book about being a flower girl which will explain her role and pump her up with excitement. Additionally, you may seat the flower girls parents near the front of the aisle so that she can see them when she walks down the aisle and during the wedding ceremony. It is best to let a flower girl be herself, and appear naturally to be enjoying her role. This will seem attractive to the wedding guests and enhance the beauty of the wedding occasion!

Decorations :: Outdoor Coffee Table – 3 Materials Used To Make An Outdoor Coffee Table

Before purchasing anything substantial like an outdoor coffee table, it’s best to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the different styles and materials. One way to do this is by learning about which options you have available. There are several different sorts of materials that can be used to make outdoor furniture. It’s good to learn which ones interest you and find out a bit about them. This will ensure that the table you choose will be enjoyed by you and your family for many years into the future.

Here is some information about 3 of the more popular types of outdoor coffee tables available.

Wood — In your outdoor living spaces, especially when matched with coordinating lounge chair sets, wooden tables are a very handsome addition. They are often made from weather-resistant, durable varieties of wood, teak and the similar looking but more affordable eucalyptus being two very popular choices. These two wood varieties hold up against outdoor use far better than many others. However, they need some maintenance to help them retain their like new look. Do not leave them outside during the winter or during long periods of bad weather. Also, to keep them from weathering to silver-grey and to preserve their new look, they must be oiled at least once or twice a year with teak oil.

Wicker — At the mention of wicker, many people think of rattan fibers. But wicker actually describes the woven style rather than the fibers used in it. These days, many beautiful sets of outdoor furniture are constructed from synthetic resin wicker. This material holds its color well against the sun’s rays and it is generally more weather resistant than the better known natural fiber wicker. As with wooden furniture, a wicker outdoor coffee table can be preserved by bringing it in during the winter and during periods of bad weather.

Aluminum — If you would like a nice outdoor coffee table, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time caring for it, then outdoor ideas consider an aluminum one. Aluminum is rust-resistant, and no oiling or painting is needed – only some cleaning with soap and water. It is durable and also weather-resistant. Though as with any other sort of outdoor furniture, it is best to cover it or bring it indoors during the winter to ensure its longevity.

How to Host a DIY New Year’s Eve Party for Under $75

It’s almost time to ring in 2016, but can you throw a bash to remember without breaking the bank?

You can host an amazing New Year’s Eve gathering for 15 people for under $75 with these DIY party ideas and recipes from Buzzfeed’s Christine Byrne and Rachel Miller.

Party Hats Start with basic party hats and then have sticker labels so your guests can write their New Year’s resolution and stick them on the front.

Or, make your own template so partygoers can download from the links below and print on their home printer, thus eliminating the need for stickers.

Cost for Art Supplies: $15

Scotch tape



Classic markers

Sparkly pom poms

Plain headbands (white or black)

Downloadable Party Hats

“New Year’s home improvement Resolution” Hat

“Highlight of 2015” Hat (Pink)

“Highlight of 2015” Hat (Blue)

“Plan for 2016” Hat

Recipes These utensil-free snack foods are sure to be a hit with your guests. Best of all, each recipe costs under $20 to make.

VIDEO: New Year’s Eve Celebrations for Under $75Pepperoni Pizza Pops

Puff pastry filled with tomato, mozzarella and pepperoni baked and served on sticks. Click here for the recipe.

Tip: Keep it plate-free

Cost to make: $14.50

Slow Cooker Champagne Cheese Dip

Cheesy dip with side of tortilla chips. Click here for the recipe.

Tip: Make a day early

Cost to make: $14.48

Pink Champagne Pops

Champagne cake pops with sparkly icing and sugar for dessert. Click here for the recipe.

Money-saving tip: Use cheap bubbly

Cost to make: $15.76

Total and additional costs combined Art supplies for party hats: $15

Pepperoni Pizza Pops: $14.50

Cheese Dip: $14.48

Cake Pops: $15.76

Lollipop sticks: $6.25

Edible glitter to add sparkle to ice cubes: $5

Bringing us to $70.99 for a 15-person party.

Happy New Year!

Man donates home full of thousands of model cars to church

Dennis Erickson was a bachelor with no children or siblings when he died in December at age 69, so he willed his home to the church where hed been head usher for over 15 years.

That sort of thing isnt so uncommon, but what came with this particular home in Eagan, Minn, is.

Over the years, Erickson had amassed a collection of over 30,000 toy and model cars. Celebration Church finance director Lisa Lundstrom told KARE 11 news shed never seen anything like it when she dropped by to catalog the bequest.

Upon entering the house, she found the rooms packed with shelves that were filled to capacity, and meticulously preserved cars just about everywhere she looked, from the ceiling rafters to the top of a bed.

Erickson had been collecting them for sixty years, along home improvement with several filing cabinets worth of automotive brochures and other automotive memorabilia.

There were a few full-size cars, too, including a 1966 Rambler, and a Chrysler Sebring thats since been sold to a 16-year-old as his first car, according to The Star Tribune. There was energy providers also a 1979 Pontiac gardening Bonneville that Erickson left to a friend whod hed once taken a cross-country road trip with in it.

Most of the gardening rest of the collection belongs to the church, including a two-tone blue 1959 Edsel Villager station wagon that Erickson restored with his father and is still in great shape. Lundstrom tells Fox News that it will go on sale once they have an appraisal done. According to the Hagerty Price Guide, it could be worth anywhere from $25,000 to $44,000.

The church is still sorting out how it will liquidate the massive estate, but has already heard from model car collectors around the world. All proceeds will go towards the churchs operations and to support local community organizations.

DIY plastic surgery leads to horrific injuries

Story highlightsApryl Brown almost died after getting cheap butt injectionsSome people are ordering cheap injections online and self-injectingFDA-approved dermal filler creative outdoor designs devices are not approved for self-injection

She’s not gonna make it. We give her 24 hours.

Apryl Brown remembers lying on the hospital bed as the doctor uttered those words. A sense of relief came over her.

“I didn’t think about losing my children. I didn’t think about leaving my mother,” she said. She thought instead of how death would feel. “Although I will be dead, I will not be in pain anymore.”

That searing pain came from an unimaginable source: a silicone filler, like the one Brown assumed plastic surgeons use daily. Hers was injected into her buttocks, with the hope of improving her appearance.

Brown never predicted the injections would land her here — dying in a hospital bed in June 2010.

Her body was shutting down from a staph infection that doctors said was connected to the silicone injections. Her limbs were curling and turning black, the visible signs of necrosis. Brown recalled seeing her hands in the hospital, thinking, “Oh, my God. I am going to lose my hands. I looked at my feet ,and they were dead, too.”

Doctors had no choice. To save Brown’s life, they amputated her hands, feet and the flesh around her buttocks and hips in 27 surgeries. Somehow, she survived.

Brown is still embarrassed as she talks about the vanity that nearly cost her everything.

Living a good life, except for a flat ‘flaw’

At the time, she was a successful hair stylist and owned a salon. When she wasn’t at her shop, she was busy raising two daughters. Life was good. But Brown always wanted to fix what she saw as her “flaw.”

Ever since she was a little girl growing up in Florida, Brown remembers being teased about having a flat butt. Growing up, she always wanted a fuller posterior and even had a mantra, “When I get me some money, I am going to get me some butt.”

In 2004, while she was working on a new client’s hair, she got her chance. The client happened to mention she did silicone injections cheaply. With a few sessions, she told Brown, she could obtain the shape she had always wanted. Brown was sold. A week later, she found herself in a house lying down in a bedroom receiving her first of four injections into her butt cheeks.

Following her second treatment, Brown remembers doubting her decision. “A voice just came to me like, ‘What are you doing? Are you serious? You are going to allow somebody to inject something into your body and you have no idea what it is.'” Brown decided that day to stop doing the treatments and never went back.

The true cost of the injections would come later, following years of pain and visits with doctors.

Brown’s story may be severe, but she is part of what the American Society of Plastic Surgeons calls a growing problem: patients bypassing doctors just to save some money on basic medical procedures.

“I think that’s awfully seductive to a person who doesn’t know there’s a problem,” said Dr. Richard Glogau, a clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco. He says he is seeing a disturbing trend, as patients turn to plastic surgeons such as him after getting botched facial filler injections.

The injections are used to smooth out facial lines. Some of the patients Glogau sees have traveled out of country and had these cosmetic procedures done cheaply. Others are purchasing cosmetic fillers from websites and self-injecting these dermal fillers into their faces. Often, the patients have no idea what’s in the dermal filler, nor do they receive the procedure from a licensed medical professional.

“People assume it’s just as easy as getting your hair colored, and at the end of the day it’s a medical procedure,” Glogau said.

Would-be patients need to know the facts

In the United States, there are only 21 FDA approved dermal fillers. These must be administered by a medical provider or under the supervision of a physician.

None of the FDA-approved dermal filler devices is approved for self-injection. There are hundreds of nonapproved dermal fillers available around the world. But Glogau cautions against having the procedure done out of country or trying to do it yourself. “I wouldn’t do it. I think you belong in a doctor’s office where a physician is supervising this and you can depend on where they have sourced the material.”

As far as buying it online, Glogau says it’s easy for patients to take the leap.

“If we live in a world where you buy your Manolo Blahniks shoes at Neiman Marcus or you can buy them online at Zappos and it’s the same shoe, I think you’re expecting what you see on a website as full value and true.”

One of his recent patients came to him after purchasing a non-FDA-approved dermal filler marketed on the Internet with just a credit card and a stroke of the creative outdoor designs keys. In a few days, the cosmetic filler she purchased from the website arrived postmarked from Brazil. She had her friend, who was a registered nurse, inject her face with the dermal filler.

A week later, her cheeks started to react. Glogau says it appeared that there were “red, angry nodules in the cheeks.” He had to surgically drain the area, which had “lakes of pus under the skin,” and excise the material from her cheeks.

After the surgery, Glogau had the material from her face tested. The UCSF dermatopathology results showed there was some type of “refractile material” found in her cheeks. Glogau describes the material as low-grade “glass or fiberglass.” The patient’s body was rejecting that material.

After repeated attempts by CNN to contact for a comment about selling non-FDA-approved dermal fillers on its website, PMMA e-mailed, “It has nothing to do with the product but the procedure.” Two days later, when CNN went to, all that appeared was a blank white screen and the words: “Access denied.”

Scars are a reminder of a bad decision

While Glogau’s patient is on the road to recovery, she will always have some visible scars on her face. Glogau has a warning to people considering purchasing dermal fillers themselves. “What we want to do is at least make the patients aware that there is a danger lurking for them out there, and they have to be careful,” says Glogau.

Brown considers herself a living example of what happens when you’re not careful.

She doesn’t hesitate to tell others about how she suffered in extreme pain for five long years after the silicone injections. She explains how she watched her buttocks harden and discolor, seeing doctor after doctor to try to get help. She lifts what’s left of her arms and explains what was actually injected in her buttocks.

When her doctors tested the substance injected into her body, Brown says it was bathroom caulk. Brown doesn’t know what happened to the woman who injected her.

At 47, Brown has had to learn to do everything all over again with prosthetics. She is able to live on her own with the help of an aide who comes in to help her for a few hours a day.

She doesn’t want pity; she wants people to listen to her cautionary story.

“All I would ask them to do is, when you have that first thought, make sure they have a second thought about it and do a little research. And if they still want to do it, go for it. They won’t be blindsided, saying, ‘Oh, my God, I had no idea that a simple procedure like that can leave me with no hands, no feet and no butt cheeks.'”

Brown has a new mission in life to spread the word about what happened to her and a different mantra: “We are enough and we were made to be enough.”

Historic Haunts Tour at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery Video

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Gadgets to make you a better gardener

Gardening can be creative outdoor designs rewarding work, but it can also be stressful. Fortunately, modern technology has stepped in to make things easier for the average green thumb. To help out with your garden this summer, check out some of these great gadgets.


Pollination is key for your garden to grow and produce plump and tasty fruit. Unfortunately, nature doesnt always cooperate, leaving you with a barren harvest. The Vegibee is a simple system that allows you to pollinate your plants by hand and improve your gardens yield. The device produces a high-speed vibration that gently shakes the pollen from a flower, allowing you home improvement to collect and redistribute it. The Vegibee is a particularly useful tool for indoor and greenhouse gardeners, where helpful insects like bees dont have access.

Contech ScareCrow

Its a fate too many gardeners are familiar with: A summers worth of work disappears overnight when pests make a midnight snack of the vegetable patch. Prevent unwanted visitors from chowing down on your greens this summer with the Contech ScareCrow. This motion activated sprinkler greets unwanted guests with a sudden blast of cold water, the prefect detetent for rabbits, deer, raccoons and other animals.

Parrot Flower Power

Take some of the guesswork out of gardening this summer with the Parrot Flower Power. Simply stick the green energy stylish sensor into the ground and download the app to your smartphone. The sensor measures soil quality, moisture, sunlight and temperature. When your plants arent getting the things they need, the app notifies you, allowing you to correct the problem before the garden wilts away in the mid-summer sunshine.

Green IQ

In-ground irrigation systems are a great way to take the grunt work out of watering your lawn and garden. However, relying on a simple timer for your watering schedule can lead to a lot of wasted water. The Green IQ is a smart watering controller that hooks up to your in-ground irrigation system, allowing you to water more wisely. The device looks at current weather conditions and takes into account the forecast for the coming days, which means it wont water your lawn right before a big rainstorm. You can also link the Green IQ to other smart gardening gadgets that you have, like the Parrot Flower Power, giving it precise data on soil moisture levels.

Herb insulation Garden Markers

If youve ever started a garden from seed, you know how important it is to mark your seedlings and keep things organized. Many gardeners rely on popsicle sticks and permanent markers, but rain and sunshine will cause those markers to fade over time. Williams-Sonoma has a more long-lasting solution with its Herb Garden Markers. These ceramic sticks have the name of common herbs stamped on them, which will keep your garden organized for seasons to come.

Suncast Aquawinder

Getting the hose back onto the reel can be one of the least pleasant aspects of tending a garden. Spend less time fighting with your hose this summer by getting the Suncast Aquawinder. This self-reeling hose powers itself with the water pressure from the faucet, so it doesnt require batteries or a plug. Simply flip the switch and the hose reels itself back in.

Miracle-Gro Liquafeed

Fertilizer is the key to a lush garden and using a feeder attached to the hose is one of the most convenient ways to get plants the nutrients they need. However, attaching and removing these systems from the hose can be a chore, which is why Miracle-Gro flipped things around with its Liquafeed system. Rather than attaching to the end of the hose, the Liquafeed is hooked up to the faucet. Pop in a bottle of Miracle-Gros liquid plant food and the system automatically mixes the right amount of fertilizer and water. With the flip of a lever, you can switch between feed and fresh water, allowing you to leave the system permanently in place.

Settlers said to chop down 800 Palestinian olive trees

The report, by WAFA, the Palestine News & Information Agency, cited “a local source,” whom it did not identify. Israel has yet to comment on the report.

The source, described by WAFA as “a local activist,” told the agency that residents of the Israeli settlements of Bani Kadim and Asfar broke into an olive orchard near the town and chopped down the trees, which belonged to people who lived in the area.

The news agency quoted the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem as saying that Israeli security forces do not always deploy in advance to protect Palestinians from settler violence, even when such violence can be anticipated.

“In some cases, rather than restricting violent settlers, Israeli security forces impose restrictions on the Palestinians,” the news report quoted the human rights group as saying.

There are over 500,000 Israeli settlers living in settlements across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Many international leaders say the settlements hinder the chances of achieving a stable peace with two states, one Palestinian and the other Israeli, living side by side.

Incident at Aqsa Mosque also reported

Also Sunday, more than 175 right-wing Jewish extremists entered the Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem, escorted by Israel police and security personnel, according to sources inside the mosque. The sources cannot be named for security reasons.

CNN is working to get Israeli comment on the assertion.

The report came as thousands of Israelis planned to march Sunday in Jerusalem’s Old City to commemorate what the Israeli government calls the unification of Jerusalem, Israel’s annexation of the eastern part of the city in 1967. The international community does not recognize the annexation.

The march — described by sources as being conducted by people from the extreme right, many of whom are from West Bank settlements — was considered provocative by many Palestinians.